Frequently Asked Questions - Skytubes


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This all depends on your expectations. Regent can offer a Tubelight for smaller darker areas or spotlighting needs, or a larger square or rectangular skylight for bigger rooms or where more light is required.

The bigger the skylight, the more heat transfer….BUT Regent can offer blinds or Solar control panels to reduce this heat IF REQUIRED. In most circumstances this isn’t an issue.

Regent products are guaranteed not to leak, providing it is installed to Regent’s installation instructions. Regent can offer a full installation service by one of our fully qualified and licenced installers.

This all depends on your location and requirements. For projects underneath aircraft flight paths or next to main roads if traffic noise is an issue, we recommend a glass unit for lower noise levels.

Skylights with lead free flashings were satisfactory and compatible with zinc coated or galvanised roofing materials commonly used in the past. Times have changed and so have roofing materials, and lead must now be used with caution.

Lead is prone to cause corrosion and is incompatible with Zincalume® and Colorbond® roofs, valley gutters and down pipes now predominately used for new constructions. The BlueScope Steel Limited technical bulletins TB 8 and CTB 18 should be consulted for further information and are available from BlueScope Steel Limited on request.

Regent Lead Free Skylights are totally compatible with Zincalume® and Colorbond® roof components. As no lead is used, both a source of corrosion and the recognized potential health hazard associated with the use of lead is completely eliminated. This is of particular importance where runoff water is collected from roofs for human consumption. The elimination of the source of corrosion will prevent premature and costly replacement. This coupled with the removal of possible health hazards, will result in increased customer satisfaction.

Regent Skylights can be manufactured to suit all roof types. Our standard stock will suit popular types of roofs such as corrugated iron, tile, and metal deck. Our standard bases are press-formed from Zincalume®, however a variety of other materials can be used (stainless steel, aluminium, copper or galvanised) for fabricated bases.

Skylight sizes are the internal dimension of the throat (daylight size).

All standard skylights can be fitted with a high impact acrylic, standard acrylic, or polycarbonate dome (6.12). All are available in opal, clear and tint. Prices for the alternatives are available from your local distributor.

Skylights can be produced as vented or non-vented units. Vented skylights are used in applications that require both light and ventilation, such as bathrooms, toilets and habitable rooms that must conform to the Building Code of Australia. Regent Skylights offers two types of vented units ; the standard and the BCA. Mechanical ventilation options are also available.

The foremost function of light shafts is to channel the light made available by the skylight into the living areas throughout the void of the ceiling space. Regent Skylights use the highly reflective flexilight shaft. Not only does this type of shaft channel down the light, it’s flexible nature allows it to easily bypass obstructions in the roof cavity, saving structural work during installation. Solid polished aluminium shaft is also available for Tubelights and mechanically vented REVs (Regent Extractor Vents).

AS3959-2009 Bush Fire Compliant and BCA Non-Combustible products are available. Fire dampers are available as an accessory for fire rated installations. They are generally used in shopping centres, multiple dwelling units, and general commercial building applications to impede the spread of fire. For more information contact our Sales Office (link) or your local Regent Distributor (link).

Regent manufacture various square, rectangular and circular skylight systems that comply with requirements of AS3959-2009 for most Bushfire Attack Levels. Contact our Sales Offices(link) or your local Regent Distributer(link) for more information.

Made to order skylight jobs are our specialty. For special shapes, larger sizes or architectural work, contact (link) one of our friendly sales staff for advice and a quote.